If you are pregnant, nursing, and/or parenting, you have access to accommodations.


Pregnant and parenting students, faculty, and staff are eligible to receive support and resources from the Title IX Office. Support and resources may include supportive measures, medically necessary periods of leave, and leaves of absence. Case Managers from the Title IX Office connect with students, faculty, and staff to provide one-on-one, individualized support. For more information about support and resources and how to get connected with a Case Manager, contact the Title IX Support and Resources team.

Supportive Measures

The Title IX Office provides supportive measures on an individualized and voluntary basis depending on the student’s needs resulting from pregnancy or parenting. The Title IX Office provides reasonable supportive measures when necessary to prevent discrimination and ensure equal access to education unless the modification would fundamentally alter the education program or activity. As reasonably available, documentation may be required for supportive measures based on a matter relating to pregnancy or parenting status. 

The following are examples of supportive measures for students:

  • Excused absences with the availability to make up missed assignments or coursework
  • Additional time to complete assignments (applied in the same manner as ADA/504 accommodations for additional time on assignments or tests, with required documentation)
  • Allowing the student to maintain a safe distance from substances, areas, and activities known to be hazardous to pregnant women or unborn children
  • Access to instructional materials and video recordings of lectures (if available) for classes due to excused absences due to pregnancy or related conditions (applied in the same manner as any other student with excused absences)
  • Any other accommodations deemed reasonable, based on the student’s individual needs

Students who work on campus, including graduate students, are eligible to receive supportive measures for their student and/or employee affiliation.

Pregnant Employee Accommodations

The University is required by law to provide reasonable accommodations to employees experiencing limitations associated with pregnancy, childbirth, or related conditions under the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA). While most accommodations under the PWFA can be managed at the departmental level, the ADA/PWFA Coordinators are available to facilitate the process when situations are more complex. Documentation from an individual’s healthcare provider is necessary in these situations to assess the limitations associated with one’s condition(s) and what accommodations are appropriate. The ADA/PWFA Coordinators can be contacted via email at ada@austin.utexas.edu or by phone at 512-471-1849. More information about the accommodation process is here.

Student Parent Liaison

The Student Parent Liaison is a staff member in the Title IX Office who is responsible for providing current and incoming parenting students with information regarding supportive measures and other resources available to parenting students at the university. The Student Parent Liaison, Robert Leary, Ph.D., can be contacted via email at supportandresources@austin.utexas.edu or by phone at 512-471-0419.

Medically Necessary Periods of Leave

The Title IX Office facilitates medically necessary periods of leave for pregnant and parenting students. Medical documentation is required for facilitating a period of medically necessary leave. Medically necessary leave may be provided due to the following circumstances:

  • Pregnancy-related conditions that require leave or academic modifications
  • Medical recovery in the immediate postpartum period
  • Child caretaking and parenting responsibilities in the immediate postpartum period

Leaves of Absence

The Title IX Office facilitates leaves of absence, on a voluntary basis, for pregnant and parenting students. A pregnant or parenting student may undertake a leave of absence and, if in good academic standing at the start of the leave of absence, return to the student's degree or certificate program in good academic standing without being required to reapply for admission.

Priority Registration for Parenting Students

Students who are parents or legal guardians of children under 18 years of age are eligible to receive priority registration. This accommodation allows eligible UT Austin students to register for courses on the first day of course registration. Eligible students may receive priority registration by completing a registration accommodation form. For more information about priority registration, parenting students can contact the Student Parent Liaison via email at supportandresources@austin.utexas.edu or by phone at 512-471-0419.

Prohibition of Discrimination on the Basis of Pregnancy or Parenting Status

The University of Texas at Austin policy HOP 3-3021 prohibits the discrimination of students, faculty, and staff who are pregnant and/or parenting. Any student, faculty, or staff may report experiencing or witnessing discrimination on the basis of pregnancy or parenting status to the Title IX Office via the online reporting form, via email at titleix@austin.utexas.edu, or by calling 512-471-0419.


Additional Resources

Undergraduate College – Support for Students with Dependents

The Undergraduate College has created a webpage for students with dependents to find relevant on- and off-campus resources and connect with other pregnant and parenting students. It includes resources related to financial support and scholarships, academic support, childcare, school-life balance, parenting resources, and community.

Graduate School – Families & Childcare

The Graduate School has created a webpage for graduate student families. It includes resources related to school accommodation policies, academic resources, employment resources, family resources, and childcare.

Lactation/Quiet Room Locations

Human Resources maintains a list of all lactation/quiet room locations, as well as contact information for these spaces.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Human Resources maintains a webpage regarding the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which entitles employees to take up to 12-weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave for reasons related to the birth of a child, bonding with a newborn, and placement of a child for adoption or foster care.