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The Title IX Office offers training and professional development opportunities for all UT students, staff and faculty. Workshops are offered both virtually and in-person. Our workshops are tailored to the needs of each group and offer an engaging space to learn about policies, process, and prevention. You can request a workshop at anytime. Feel free to browse our training menu below to learn more about what we can offer to you and your team!

Workshop Menu

Title IX Basics

This course is a comprehensive overview of policies that include Title IX, Texas Education Code 51.252 (also known as SB 212), and UT Austin's Prohibition of Sexual Assault, Interpersonal Violence, Stalking, Sexual Harassment, and Sex Discrimination (HOP 3-3031) policy. We will discuss how these policies intersect, mandatory reporting duties for employees, intervention and support strategies, and resources and support available for Title IX related incidents. We will utilize scenario-based learning to apply workshop content to real world situations. This workshop can be tailored to fit the needs of a variety of audiences including students, employees, and student employees upon request.

Trauma Informed Care

This interactive workshop focuses on the importance of trauma informed care. In this workshop, participants will learn what trauma informed care is, how our body responds to trauma, and how we can use best practices to support our campus community. Available for students, faculty, and staff.

The Supportive Measures Workshop

This is a workshop created out of the need to provide support to employees who are supporting students who have experienced a Title IX matter and/or are involved in a Title IX obligation. This educational workshop will take a deeper dive into the nature and impact of commonly misunderstood acts of prohibited conduct including sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking. We will also discuss employees' legal obligations to provide support and accommodations to students as well as provide best practices on how to navigate disclosure conversations with empathy and understanding.

Are We Okay? Tools and Tips for Communicating our Boundaries

This is an interactive workshop is offered by request and works best in a group setting. It focused solely on setting and communicating boundaries and expectations. We will also discuss how to notice other people's boundaries, barriers to communicating and how to respond to cues, feedback and conflicts. Available for students, faculty, and staff.

Title IX and Retaliation

This informative workshop is offered by request. It takes a deep dive into Title IX policies around retaliation and provides guidance on how to address alleged acts of retaliation in the workplace or academic setting.

In Her Shoes

This is an interactive workshop is offered by request and works best in a group setting. In Her Shoes is designed for learning about domestic violence. Participants move, do, think and experience the lives of domestic violence survivors. Participants are given a card describing the background and current situation of a character. As groups are led to different stations, they read through scenarios their character faces with their partner and various systems, and make choices about their character’s next steps. This experience lead communities to shift their thinking about domestic violence and evolve their practices around what it really means to support survivors, hold those who cause harm accountable, and envision a world where violence and abuse don’t flourish as they do now.

Title IX Workshops

Request a workshop, or sign up for our open workshops on UT Learn. We can always tailor a presentation based on the needs or interests of your group.