Title IX Advisors

The Title IX University Advisors are a pool of trained faculty and staff members who are available to assist and advise parties in all investigation tracks (Track A, B, C).

In the 2020 Title IX Regulations, investigation outcomes must be determined at a live hearing, with live cross-examination. They further stipulated that cross-examinations at a live hearing must be conducted by an “advisor of choice” (advisor).  In the event that a party does not have an advisor, the university must provide an advisor to conduct cross-examination on behalf of that party. 

You are not required to have an Advisor for any portion of the Grievance Process, except for the live hearing in Track A or Track B of the Grievance Process. An Advisor can be a friend, family member, attorney, any person of your choosing. You are also not required to maintain the same Advisor for the entirety of the Grievance Process. 

To help fulfill the needs of the campus community, UT Austin has developed programs to provide advisors to parties engaging in the investigation process: Title IX University Advisors and the Pro Bono Program. You are also not required to utilize a university appointed Advisor. 

The Pro Bono Program is a partnership with the UT Law School. Advisors through the Pro Bono Program work in pairs to support their party. Advisors are supervised by a licensed attorney and only one may be allowed to serve as an advisor during the live hearing. 

If you are interested in applying to be a University Title IX Advisor or if you have questions prior to applying, please reach out to supportandresources@austin.utexas.edu.