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To reduce the public spread of COVID-19, the Title IX Office is currently operating remotely. Please visit UT’s COVID-19 Updates Page.
Make a Title IX Report

Title IX Process

Once a Title IX related report is received, one of the following offices will handle the next steps in a fair and impartial manner:

Your Rights

As a Complainant or a Respondent, you have the following rights during an investigation:

  • To receive a prompt, fair and impartial investigation.
  • To receive information and ask questions about the Title IX formal and informal processes.
  • To have an advisor present during all meetings.
  • To choose not to actively participate in the investigation process, if you are the Complainant.
  • To be given equal chance to participate, including the opportunity to identify witnesses and other relevant evidence.
  • To file a complaint with local and/or campus law enforcement authorities.
  • To be informed of and have access to counseling, mental health, academic, legal and other applicable support services, including confidential resources.

For more information on your rights and what to expect, please visit Title IX Training and Investigations

Informal Resolution Process 

The informal resolution process is a voluntary, informal option for the parties involved to resolve concerns at the earliest stage possible. The informal resolution process is intended to facilitate a mutually agreeable outcome for the alleged conduct. The informal resolution is not a disciplinary record.

Formal Investigation Process

The university may initiate a formal investigation for alleged prohibited conduct under our policies. For more information, please see the Policies page.