Title IX and Prohibited Conduct Grievance Processes

To review the grievance processes for a Title IX related report or Formal Complaint, visit the revised HOP 3-3031: Prohibition of Sexual Assault, Interpersonal Violence, Stalking, Sexual Harassment, and Sex Discrimination

Grievance Process: Track A, Track BTrack C and Title IX Hearings in Primary and Secondary Schools.


Authorization for Release of Information Form

Rights and Options

As a Complainant or a Respondent, you have the following rights during an investigation:

  • To be informed of and have access to counseling, medical, academic, and other applicable support services, including confidential resources.
  • To be informed of the importance of a victim going to a hospital for treatment and the preservation of evidence, if applicable, as soon as practicable after an alleged incident.
  • To be informed via a Notice of the Formal Complaint to the University, whether filed by a Complainant or the Title IX Coordinator
  • To receive a prompt, fair, equitable, and impartial Grievance Process.
  • To receive information and ask questions about the formal and informal processes available.
  • To be given equal chance to participate in a Grievance Process, including the opportunity to identify witnesses and other relevant evidence.
  • To choose not to actively participate in the Grievance Process, if desired.
  • To have an advisor of choice present during all meetings and grievance proceedings.
  • To have an advisor provided for a party at a hearing under the Title IX grievance process, if an advisor of choice is not present.
  • To have access and equal opportunity to inspect and review any evidence obtained as part of the investigation, and to receive a copy of the completed investigation report.
  • To be equally informed of any determinations regarding responsibility, dismissals of Formal Complaints, and/or a party’s filing of an appeal.
  • To appeal a determination regarding responsibility and/or dismissals of Formal Complaints.
  • To file a report with local and/or campus law enforcement authoritiesIn addition, a Complainant has the following rights and options:

In addition, a Complainant has the following rights and options:

  • To report an incident and/or file a Formal Complaint with the University.
  • To request in writing that the University not investigate a reported incident and be informed of the University’s decision whether or not to investigate.
  • To request in writing the dismissal of a Formal Complaint (e.g., withdrawing the Formal Complaint or any allegations therein).

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